support specialist

Connor Denney

Connor Denney
support specialist

Connor Denney

Connor Denney

Connor Denney, Support Specialist for Alterity, Inc., is an Acctivate inventory expert with excellent attention to detail. Connor uses his inventory expertise and great problem-solving skills to quickly find a solution for the customers he is helping. Connor graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in May 2020 and holds a B.S. in Information Systems.

Connor considers himself a detail-oriented person and enjoys a strong sense of family at Alterity. Connor enjoys being part of a team and takes pride in learning how things work and providing customers with digestible solutions.

When Connor was little, he wanted to be a video game designer but knows as an adult he would make a terrible construction worker. If Connor could spend an evening in conversation with a deceased person, it would be with Rosa Parks. Connor admires Parks’ for her great courage. Connor is fascinated by how much easier and efficient technology makes our lives. In five years from now, Connor hopes to be happily married with a family and a comfortable home of his own.

Role at Alterity:

Support Specialist


University of Texas at Arlington


INFP: The Mediator

Creative Type:

The Dreamer

More fun facts…

Superpowers: Regenerative Healing, Subjective Precognition, Empathic Teleportation, Polyglotism

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff