Matrix inventory

Matrix inventory software
Matrix inventory management provides businesses the ability to offer customers more choices without creating an inventory management bottleneck.

Matrix inventory

Used in many different industries where color, size, style, or pattern variations occur – apparel, jewelry, footwear, paint manufacturing, flooring, sporting goods – matrix inventory management simplifies complex inventory control and tracking capabilities.

When you need a matrix inventory software solution

Matrix inventory software - 1 tshirt

When does matrix inventory software make life much easier? When one t-shirt is really 68.

It begins with a simple t-shirt. One product – a red t-shirt.

But you need it in 4 sizes – small, medium, large, and XL.

Matrix inventory software - multiple sizes of tshirts

Then, there’s all those colors – 17 in fact. Let’s face it, not everyone wants red.

Matrix inventory software - multiple colros of tshirts

Suddenly, one t-shirt, in four sizes, and 17 colors becomes 68.

Is that one product or 68?

Matrix inventory defined

Matrix inventory simplifies defining, creating, and tracking of matrix inventory groups through the use of attributes such as color, size, style or pattern variations.

That is one t-shirt. The colors and sizes are simply attributes.

Inventory software with matrix inventory capabilities simplifies inventory management for apparel, footwear, jewelry, sporting goods, and other industry distributors and retailers.

Benefits of matrix inventory software solutions

By simplifying matrix inventory groups with Acctivate, you can discover the benefits:

  • Reduce inventory data entry and management labor expense
  • Standardize product descriptions
  • Increase accuracy
  • Streamline sales order management
  • Gain visibility

Acctivate software for matrix inventory features and functionality

  • Single dimension matrix from style to variant where the variant can be color, size or any other variant of the product needed to be supported.
  • Every variation in the matrix is assumed to have the same price
  • Each variation will have its own cost
  • Variations are managed as separate SKUs
  • Sales history is maintained at the matrix level
  • Inventory movement is maintained at the component level
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