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Cross-Channel Order Management
Cross-Channel Order Management for multi-channel retailers using QuickBooks and seeking to optimize, centralize, and streamline cross-channel sales operations.

Outfitting operations with cross-channel order management software, like Acctivate, is a powerful first step on a path to increased efficiency, higher profit margins, and desirable growth.

What is cross-channel order management?

What is Cross-Channel? Cross-channel refers to selling and servicing customers across a variety of different sales channels. As multi-channel sales have become the norm across a variety of product-selling industries, the need for cross-channel order management is greater than ever.

With eCommerce continuing to ramp up in popularity with no end in sight and more businesses work to house products on the shelves of big-box retailers like Target and Walmart, cross-channel order management is a crtical component for managing both consumer and business relationships.

With Cross-Channel:

  • Sell products direct over-the-phone, email, catalog, fax, and face-to-face.
  • Sell products on web stores and eCommerce marketplaces.
  • Sell products via EDI (electronic data interchange).

Cross-Channel Order Management: Inventory Sync

Cross-channel inventory sync is another way to refer to inventory synchronization across an organization. Multi-channel inventory sync lets a business first determine how much availability is shown for different channels and, second, provides automatic updates across channels via the sync as orders come in and are processed.

With Cross-Channel Inventory Sync:

  • Synchronize inventory availability across all channels.
  • Set different availability amounts per channel or equally across the board.
  • Stress less as inventory amounts are updated accordingly as orders come in across all sales channels.
  • Utilize automated inventory alerts with suggested re-order amounts.
  • Prevent lost sales and lengthy fulfillment times due to unavailable item purchases.
cross-channel order management with inventory sync
cross-channel inventory management sync

Cross-Channel Order Management

Dynamic cross channel order management is key for increasing real-time visibility, enhancing efficiency, preventing errors, and fulfilling orders quickly. Acctivate provides extensive cross-channel order management features perfect for streamlining order processing and fulfillment for all channels.

With Cross-Channel Order Management:

  • Handle any order volume with ease.
  • Simplify handling of complex orders.
  • Automate two-way sync of orders, tracking info, product availability, and customers with time intervals settings for web stores & eCommerce marketplaces.
  • Gain full visibility of incoming/outgoing EDI transactions for each trading partner.
  • Ship quickly and on time.
cross-channel order management with fulfillment capabilities
Multi-channel Inventory Management Orders

Cross-Channel Inventory Management for QuickBooks

Acctivate is designed with a bi-directional integration to QuickBooks. Acctivate provides QuickBooks users advanced inventory, order, and business management capabilities while continuing to maintain financials within QuickBooks.

Cross-Channel Order Management: Drop Shipping Automation

Drop shipping automation is an easy way to quickly maximize warehouse space and optimize warehouse operations, offer new products, and enter new markets around the world. Acctivate’s dropshipping automation wizard makes drop shipping a seamless process, leaving more time for warehouse teams to focus on in-house fulfillment while drop-shipped sales reach new heights.

With Drop Shipping Automation:

  • Maximize precious/limited warehouse space.
  • Streamline in-house fulfillment.
  • Reduce purchase of slow-moving and stale inventory.
  • Expand product offerings.
  • Enter new markets.
multi-channel inventory management drop ship automation

Cross-Channel Order Management with product returns management

Customers typically don’t enjoy returning products because return processes are often tedious, time-consuming, and frustrating. Acctivate’s product returns management helps cut out the unnecessary steps of a return, streamline the process, and even offer return policy perks. Multi-channel inventory management lacking strong product return capabilities will only bog down returns and irritate customers.

With Product Returns Management:

  • Reduce preventable returns.
  • Honor returns policies.
  • Provide return policy perks.
  • Provide refunds, exchanges, and repairs quickly.
  • Communicate easily and clearly with customers throughout process.
  • Understand return trends better.
Cross-channel order management with product returns management
multi-channel inventory management product returns
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